Your One-Stop BSC Gaming Platform

With over hundred of games available to play on the Vegasino platform, you can bet on finding something tailored to your tastes and preferences. Our games are carefully curated and tested for fairness so that you get all the fun and excitement of being at a world-class casino.

The Vegasino platform is powered by our own $VGS token that has been specifically developed to take advantage of the latest defi innovations. The token contract has been fully audited by CertiK, which is a leading security-focused ranking platform to analyze and monitor blockchain protocols and DeFi projects. Our previous Nevada contract has been ranked in the top 1% of all audits conducted by CertiK. An additional audit has also been performed by the InterFI Network, for that extra peace-of-mind. .

The Vegasino liquidity is locked in line with the industry safety standards and best practices. The core team consists of experts in their fields with proven field experience. The team have also passed an external KYC audit to add an additional layer of safety to the entire project.

Simply put, you can invest in Vegasino knowing that the platform is backed by a capable team and industry-leading security measures. When you are using our platform, you can put your entire focus on having fun and playing the game, as it should be.

We take pride in our goal and capability to create a secure and fair casino platform for everyone on the Binance Smart Chain. Driven by a constant need to innovate, you will not find a better home to play your games in.



The Vegasino platform is powered by our award-winning partner, OwlGames.

With over a hundred games available at your disposal, you can be sure to find something that will suit your tastes and preferences.

And if you are feeling particularly confident, you may test your mettle against other players in one of the various tournaments hosted regularly on Vegasino. These tournaments boast super-low entry fees and are a fun and engaging way to prove that you are the best of the best. Follow us on our social media to get all the information on upcoming tournaments.


All Aboard the NFT

The launch of our first set of NFT’s is upon us.

The upcoming Vegasino NFTs are more than just a cool piece of gambling history on the BSC. Offering an incredibly generous 100% APY through our NFT Staking Platform, they also serve as your ticket to our exclusive and highly sought-after presale. The Vegasino NFTs are not just cool-looking avatars for you to show off, they are a crucial part of the ecosystem. Our team is constantly working to add utilities for them and in turn ensuring that they age like fine wine: consistently appreciating in value.



At Nevada, we are continuously striving for excellence. Below is a list of upcoming initiatives that we are considering implementing after we have successfully completed the current development roadmap.

Casino Metaverse

What if we could make a casino in the metaverse? Many companies and projects are currently researching bringing crypto to the metaverse as a future technology..


NFT Marketplace

NFT Marketplace, you say? Every ecosystem contains a plethora of marketplaces. What distinguishes us from others? What if we developed an NFT marketplace that integrated the multiple ecosystems into a single platform? Doesn't that sound intriguing?